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do you really only have 3??? it seems youd be more popular because youre a nice person and your qrs are nice :O

Haha that’s sweet :) no I have more than 3! I just don’t feel it’s very important

How many followers do you have?


I know you already have a collar tutorial but could you possibly make an open shirt collar tutorial, cause I'm having major troubles with that. I've tried make the collar the exact way your tutorials tells us to just apart from each-other but it doesn't seem to work & I can't figure out a way to make it.. please help, it'll just be an add to your collar tutorial(:

Do you mean like a fully open shirt? Or just open at the collar? If you come off anon I’ll be happy to send you a screenshot if how I’d do it seeing as it’s just a small thing :) if you want message me off anon and we can chat!

A furry collared denim jacket to accompany the newest tutorial! Perfect for everyone no matter what your style is :) 

A furry collared denim jacket to accompany the newest tutorial! Perfect for everyone no matter what your style is :) 

Want some denim? Want some fur? Boom. Here ya go! Hope this helps- I really enjoy making these fabrics in my own designs.

I used miiverse for the bottom screenshots, it’s so much better quality. Enjoy!

could you please make a suit tutorial if you take requests? Or if you made one already, wheres the link :> ?

All the links are in the tutorials post which can be found in the link by the description. I’m not taking requests right now as I’m not adding anything to the list of tutorials I’m making. I have also stated many times I’m not making very specific things in my tutorials. However I’m considering making Lapels in the future so that they can be used on a multitude of designs, not just suits.

Can you please teach how to make that mermaid dress you made? The thing is that my qr code machine is broke so please teach how to make your mermaid dress.

I made that qr code to coincide with the ruffled skirt tutorial. So check that.



I’ve seen lots of people wonder about scarves so here ya go, now you can make scarves and just about anything else. Enjoy!<3


I love your work so much and with help from your tutorials I have managed to make some designs and I am hoping to keep at making some and adapting some of the techniques that you have helped me to learn. I was wondering if you were thinking about trying to make a tutorial for sequins/sparkles, or if you have any tips. I understand if you weren't after all, you probably have quite a few tutorials to do and also live your life to the fullest so I was just wondering, and thanks for all the help :)

Hmm someone asked this a while back and I’ve never made them but got a lot of messages from people who had. Apparently if you just make white/grey dots quite close together it can mimic the look of sequins :) thank you!

Apologies if someone has already asked but if someone wanted to commission you to make a design, would you?

I’ve always wondered about that. No ones ever asked me before and I don’t know if anyone would want me to do a design for them but if there was some sort of demand I would consider maybe making commissions. I wouldn’t be interested in bell commissions though so I don’t know how people would react to real cash commissions.

Why aren't you doing specific tutorials? This may be a dumb question to ask, but why? Some people want to know from you, but you just crush them immediately. You're just using the power you have to refuse them, and go your pace. I'm sorry if I sound mean, but I'm trying to defend myself and the others who got hurt from you.

Haha please calm down. I’m not doing specific tutorials because quite frankly I don’t have the time to cater to everyone’s whim. If I make more general ones then more people can benefit from them. This isn’t a job obviously but it takes up a lot of my time but I really enjoy doing it so by cutting down the amount I do I won’t ruin it for myself or anyone else by resenting it. And if anyone actually got properly offended by me refusing to do their request then they need to maybe go outside because I’m not being unreasonable. I’m hardly being a tyrant. This is animal crossing Jesus Christ. I don’t mean to sound harsh but I’m repeating myself day after day. I hope you understand!

I realize you aren't adding anything to the list or taking requests but could you possibly put a tutorial on how to make small pleated skirts (they almost look stripped, not quite like the tutorial you already made) into consideration for the future? It's perfectly fine if you don't want to though. I just don't want to appear rude.

Have you tried using a darker colour and just making lines one pixel apart? Because that’s the only way I can think about doing it. Hope that sorta works! If not try and find a qr or something that has an example and I’ll see if it’s be worth a tutorial in the future! Thanks for being so polite about it all :)

I'm sorry to clutter your inbox with an ask but I'm shy and I just wanted to say that I love your blog and I admire how patient you've been with the requests for tutorials. I can only imagine how frustrating it must be to receive near identical requests after you've been so clear about not doing them. I hope you know that there's more of us out here thankful for what you do than there are jerks who make demands on you. Again, love your blog and I hope you have a great day.

Thank you :) I really appreciate it!


I keep getting tonnes of messages about tutorials. I am NOT adding anything to the list right now. And I only do tutorials for TECHNIQUES. Not specific items eg. Trenchcoats, shirts with jumpers, seifukus etc.
I don’t know how many times I have to try and specify that. I’m sorry but some people are being really rude about it. Thank you! I should have a new tutorial soon.

Do you have a tutorial for pockets, like ones that would be seen on overalls for example, or maybe ones from hoodies?

It’s on the list. Please check before messaging!