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I know it says that you're not taking requests, but I'd really like to know how to make a cool umbrella pattern. Thank you uwu

I’ve never made umbrellas so I can’t help you sorry!

Do you guys have the designs of villagers to wear as shirts or like put on pillows or furniture

Nope sorry! I can’t remember what blog did that.

What do you mean by donate?

Donate money by paypal. I have a post here explaining my reasons for this :)

Just taking the time to remind you all that there is a donate button for this blog! It can be found at the top of the blog page or here

I am not asking for anything, just if anyone wants to give something to this blog they can. Thank you all so much! 

The most intensive and informational tutorial I have made as of yet, it took ages. But here are 6 necklines for you to try! I’m sorry the pictures are quite small, I recommend saving them and zooming if you want to see the pixels better. If not they still make a good guide to go on. Hope you enjoy!

The lighting whited out my face so I just drew features on..

The lighting whited out my face so I just drew features on..

Oh god I feel really bad but on your tutorial with the aprons I managed to successfully copy the cute pink apron you made, I'm not sure if you made a code for it but if you did I wouldn't have been able to scan it as the character I made it for cant use the QR machine!!!! I won't make it into a code and claim it as my own I promise!!! I wanted to tell you because I feel very guilty, if you want me to delete it I will!!!! I love this blog by the way!!!!

Yeah the code for that apron dress was released the same time as the tutorial! Haha don’t worry about it, there was no need to tell me- especially if you weren’t ever going to claim it as your own anyway. If it’s for your own use then that’s up to you! Enjoy :)

Tutorial FAQ

Clearing up some FAQs!

When will the next tutorial be out?
I have no idea sorry, I just do them when I have time.

Can you make a tutorial on X/Y/Z?
I will take suggestions for tutorials but the majority of the time the answer will be no. This is because most of the asks I get are for things way too specific for a tutorial or I simply have never made!

Can you make paths?
Nooooooo. Noooo. No. I have never made a decent path in my life, I like clothing design so I do clothes! Not paths. There are 1000s of amazing paths and loads of other blogs with path design and tutorials. Please don’t ask for paths.

I will update this accordingly! :)

could you possibly do a tutorial on making tiled paths? thanks for you time.

I don’t do non clothing tutorials! The clue is in the word “apparel” haha. Plus I don’t make my own paths :) hope you find some other reference to help you :)

maybe a tutorial on puffed sleeves?

I’m not sure how to do them! Maybe just tiny lines around the bottom of the sleeve to show folds? I’ve never made them sorry

How would you go about making like a see threw shirt like the black ones you can buy and you can see the shirt underneath it a little

Well the colour I use for the black sheer colour is 2nd row of boxes down, 3rd box in from the left, top right colour. The brown colour in that palette. So use that to make the areas you want to look sheer! :) and for the opaque bits just use black!

How to you put up other peoples designs in able sisters from qr codes I want my villagers to wear them and stuff

You can’t unfortunately! It’s quite annoying they don’t allow it.

Edit: there’s no in game way of doing it.
is it possible to use the ruffled skirt tutorial with a liter color like white?

Yeah just try it! Just use shades of light grey! experiment like the designer u kno u r

Do you know any other blogs/site that have apparel tutorials like yours?

Petal-parasol has done a few tutorials on things like headbands and they’re really good! But I haven’t seen any other blogs that have clothing tutorials! Acnana used to have a few which were really good but I’m not sure if they still exist :)

Do you know of any blogs that have angel wing tutorials? I'm trying to make my own jacket with wings stitched on the back, but I haven't come across any on google

I haven’t seen any, so sorry!