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I have added a FAQ! Please read it before asking any questions, it would be very helpful. Thanks a lot! :)

I just wanted to tell you I made two rocking outfits using your tutorial on ruffled skirts :D including one inspired by mega Banette if you're a pokemon fan. That is one stylish mega evolution. I posted them in the acnl tag

That sounds so freaking cool! I can’t even describe how excited I am for alpha sapphire!!

Hi! Im the girl who asked you what is your friendcode? I really want to be your friend! Because you are truly amazing! Do you have twitter? I Really want to be your friend!

I’m keeping my twitter private but feel free to message me off anon. I’d love to chat :)



Most of the colors are a near perfect match! That wine red is too light, but I tried for ages and it’s the closest I could get.

Hail the almighty hair guide

Honest question, but why don't you make a FAQ listing stuff you won't make tuts for? Rather than get frustrated about receiving the same asks, just don't reply and let them discover the FAQ. :)

The FAQ is located at the bottom of the tutorials. I thought putting them together might be easier so it’s not another link for people but you might be right!


Can everyone PLEASE read the tutorials page before messaging me about them!! In that I have answered a lot of questions already.

Do you think you can do a tutorial on ribbons? Not like the bows tutorial you already have, but just regular ribbon ties?

I don’t quite understand what you mean by “ribbon ties” sorry! Do you just mean just like a fastening that’s tied together? Cause it would only be a couple of pixels then and wouldn’t justify a full tutorial sorry!

I want to say I love your tutorials. My clothes is really improving. So thank you very much! Can you do a tutorial on floral designs and cheetah print because it would be very helpful if you do? Why are you not making specific tutorials?

Thank you! I have stated many times I’m not doing floral print. And I’ve never made cheetah print before but it’s something I’ll consider for the future. And I’m not doing specific tutorials because I don’t have the time to do tutorials for everyone, which is why more generalised ones are better :)

do you know of any tutorials on floral patterns? ;;

I haven’t seen any sorry. Someone did suggest to use cross stitch patterns as a guide for things like roses though :)

If you would answer this than What is your friend code? And...will you give it to us? And...will you register them? Sorry for all those questions :)

I probably won’t be giving it out unless I’m doing a trade with someone sorry!

Do you know how to make designs that look sort of metalic or shiny? If not that's fine, but I don't think it hurts to ask. (PS, I have an account on Tumblr I just don't feel like logging in right now)

Hmm I’ve never tried it but I would maybe use white and make highlights in the largest areas of colour? Like lines of white to give the impression of light catching on it :) if that makes sense. And no problem!

Do you have any sweater vest tutorials for fall or winter?

I have a sweater tutorial! So that might help :)

Can you please make a vest tutorial? Like the ones that go under tuxedo shirts, if possible

A vest is just the main part of the body shaded in with a V-shape at the neck!

Could you do a tutorial on general shading? Just to make clothing look more in depth and realistic. Thanks in advance! (Love your blog)

You can use the ombré tutorial for that but go from dark to light if it’s a large area of shade. If it’s a small area of shade (like under a collar) one darker colour of line is fine! If that makes sense!

I'm not asking you to do a tutorial but have you seen someone else do one on camo? I'm so confused on it and I think maybe you know some people who know.

No but I’ve never even heard of that suggested before and i might experiment with it! Could be fun!